Teaching an Inclusive Class

We have reached the end of the inclusive education course for classroom teachers. The first
batch of teachers have worked hard and created awesome portfolios of their work. They have
written essays, narratives and poetry, created inclusive lesson plans, learned about abilities and
disabilities, changed their attitudes toward inclusive education, and grown hugely in learning
over the course of six months.


Many teachers have applied their learning from the course in their classrooms. The results have
been wonderful. The teachers are excited, the students are excited, and the pictures are heart-
warming to watch. The level of engagement from the teachers toward the topics of the course
has been consistently high. They have encountered ideas that seemed unworkable and
impossible at the start of the course, and found them to be eminently possible and even
necessary by the end of the course! They have found new ways of teaching, new ways of
thinking, new ways of executing, and new ways of including.

We’ve had deep discussions about education, our personal values about it, and about the role
of the system in creating an inclusive environment. Every teacher has written a personal
mission, vision and values statement, and then reviewed it over the span of the course to see
how it has changed. While teachers are a key element in the creation of inclusive teaching
environments, the education system has to become inclusive in its policies and planning as well.
We are hopeful that a truly inclusive education system will happen over time.

It has been a satisfying journey, and I’m looking forward to working with more educators in the
future. Please email info@samamvidya.com for inquiries about our next session.