For Students

  • Study Skills
    Students always know how to study. They might spend time reading their books, but they don’t always benefit from it. This workshop teaches students the meta-cognitive skills necessary for effective learning.
  • Life skills
    Academically capable students also seem to struggle with real-world tasks that involve decision making, planning, social skills and peer pressure. Routine project, time and material management are a big part of adult life that students making the school-to-world transition struggle with. This workshop equips students to manage themselves and their lives. We will cover topics like making appropriate life choices, banking, and living cost decisions, among others.
  • Mindfulness
    To restore a sense of calm and positively balance their chaotic and hectic lives, students will benefit from this mindfulness session. This workshop helps them reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen attention and focus, better resolve their inner conflicts, develop compassion towards themselves and others, and create a sense of physical, social and emotional well-being in their lives.
  • Towards Inclusion – Disability Awareness through games
    This is a 3-hour card games session for middle and high schoolers and young adults. This game kit has six games based on popular card games like Uno and Bingo. It has been developed to sensitize mainstream students regarding issues surrounding disability. Students will learn the vocabulary of disability, movies and books featuring characters with disabilities, misconceptions about people with disabilities, and much more! There is no teaching involved; players learn just by playing the games. The game kit can be reused several times. This game kit is a step towards an inclusive society.
  • Writing series
    There’s a lot more to writing than the ubiquitous essay with an introduction, body and conclusion. Each genre of writing involves different elements and structures. Each of the following genres will be taught in separate workshops. Each genre requires 20 hours of contact time.

    • Expository
    • Narrative
    • Persuasive
    • Note taking
    • Poetry