For Parents

  • Behavior as a Communication Tool
    This day-long workshop is customized for parents or teachers. It is an activity based session full of ideas and strategies that will equip the adults to help their children convey their needs in an appropriate manner. This workshop helps adults see how behaviors are a language that children use to communicate their feelings or needs. It helps parents and teachers understand the backstory behind any behavior. Parents and teachers will then be able to address it using a constructive approach.
  • Playful Parenting
    This interactive workshop helps parents traverse through the world of play while learning (and unlearning) few new perspectives on parenting along the way. It is an action-packed, fun-filled journey towards loving and playful familial relationships. Our activities will be interspersed with thought-provoking discussions and self-reflections.
  • Study Skills Strategies
    It is common for most parents to get stressed out about academic performance and emotional well-being of their children. We get questions from parents about their study habits, grades, motivation, homework and stress levels. This workshop will help anxious parents to help their children establish good study habits and healthy relationships.
  • The Learning Brain – Simulation Lab for parents
  • Growth versus Fixed Mindset
    This new area of research has brought to the forefront the idea that people who persistently grow and improve their basic core abilities over a period of time will develop a deep love of learning and resilience that is essential for any accomplishment. Individuals who believe that their skills are set in stone, or fixed, react differently to setbacks, and do not rise to their potential. According to this theory, we need to focus on the person’s efforts and journey, rather than the end goal. This workshop will help adults to develop their own growth mindset, and to set up an environment in which their children or students can also adopt a similar growth mindset.
  • ‘Towards Inclusion’ – Disability Awareness Games
    This is a 3-hour card games session for middle-schoolers, families, and adults. This game kit has six games based on popular children’s card games like Uno and Bingo. It has been developed to sensitize mainstream students regarding issues surrounding disability. Students and teachers will learn vocabulary of disability, movies and books featuring characters with disabilities, misconceptions about people with disabilities, and much more! There is no teaching involved; players learn just by playing the games. The game kit can be reused several times, and is available for sale.