Professional Development

Samam Vidya has developed informational and training modules which will add value to the knowledge gained in basic teacher training programs.

These modules are born of the vast experience of the founders who have worked in the field of inclusive special education for many years. This knowledge is practical and field-tested, as it comes from people who have worked with children in inclusive classrooms.

To that end, we conduct professional development workshops on various topics such as inclusive education practices, setting up of resource rooms, teaching to a heterogeneous classroom, classroom management, curriculum development and lesson planning, reader’s and writer’s workshops, and ¬†developing an understanding of visible and invisible disabilities, among others.

Here are a couple that we have done before, upon request.

The Struggling Student: Is It a Disability? 

This two-hour presentation serves as an introduction to the challenges of teaching struggling students in your classrooms. It provides an overview of the different disability criteria and explores the different models of inclusive teaching. It answers key questions about the importance of inclusion, its effect on the child and society and provides some strategies to implement it.

From Identification to Effective Inclusion
This intensive two-day workshop is for teachers who want to enhance their teaching practices and/or serve as resource providers at their schools. It also provides a breadth of knowledge for teachers interested in serving as an initial resource in the absence of a special educator on staff. It will take the participant through the successive steps of pre-referral, identification, assessments, the IEP process and, finally, service delivery for effective integration into the mainstream classroom. Each step in this workshop can be presented as a separate workshop as well.

Please contact us for workshops that best suit your needs. Refer to our events calendar for upcoming workshops.