Inclusive Teaching Principles

This is part 1 in a 3-part series on inclusive education. It is a 4 month certificated program with all classes being held on Sundays.  It is an activities based course involving group work among teachers. Until we understand and believe in inclusion, understand its benefits and the principles for effective and successful inclusion, mere inclusive placement cannot be successful. This first part of the program delves into the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of inclusion.

Who is this for:

  • Teachers-in-training and in-service teachers
  • Regular education teachers and special educators
  • Paraeducators / shadow teachers
  • Principals, administrators and policy makers
  • Ancillary service providers (SLPs, OTs. PTs, etc)
  • Counselors, psychologists and other medical personnel who work with kids
  • Accredited teachers wishing to reenter the workforce
  • Parents and Volunteers with teaching experience who wish to learn effective teaching philosophy and pedagogy

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • A broad knowledge of what inclusion is and how it works
  • A deep appreciation of why we need inclusive education