Certificated Courses

Samam Vidya offers a yearlong program of certificated courses on inclusive education. These are value added professional development modules for the accredited teacher. All classes are conducted on Sundays in order to serve in-service professionals.

Every classroom has struggling students and is inherently heterogeneous in makeup. Students with unidentified invisible disabilities like learning disabilities or mild autism might already be present in the classroom. These courses offer the teacher a breadth of knowledge about why inclusion is necessary, how it works, what strategies and skills are useful when working with different needs in the classroom, and how a special educator adds value in an inclusive mainstream school.

The yearlong program has three parts, which have to be completed in the following order.

Some of the individual classes offered during the course are open to all as stand-alone workshops. Refer to our events calendar to see which classes can be taken without registering for the full course.





Please email info@samamvidya.com for inquiries about our next session.