Early intervention is key to keeping struggling students in school, in our sphere of influence, for as long as possible. Appropriate support at the early stage of difficulty helps prevent frustration and possible dropping out of school. We offer support to teachers and students in order to facilitate a smooth teaching and learning environment.

We’ve enjoyed meeting several educators and parents across the country who have benefited from our trainings.

“This workshop was an eye-opener for the teachers. We realized that we were too unreasonable in our expectations with struggling kids. Probably our outlook will change when we handle kids who are struggling in all three R’s [reading, writing, arithmetic].” M. Meena, Senior Principal, Honey Bunch School, Pollachi, TN

“This training should be included in B. Ed and D. Ed training itself.” L. Umadevi, Headmistress, Gnana Ganga Vidya Peeta, Mysore

“I really felt good about learning about the disability of students and how they struggle. At the end of the task, I really understood and knew the difficulties from the kids’ place. It made me think about how to solve the disabilities in different ways.” M. Mumthaz Begum, Teacher, Honey Bunch School, Pollachi, TN

“Enriching session which drives us to think rationally and thoughtfully with wider vision. It helped shed our notions, enabling us to think at least about difficulty levels of LD children. We surely look forward to (more) such productive sessions.” Nidhi Jain, Lead Teacher – Training, Delhi Public School, Patna

“Very useful in order to understand the child’s difficulties in learning. Useful for the regular classroom teacher to know the child’s difficulties.”Ms. Sai Lakshmi, Principal, Sathya Special School, Pondicherry

“The Simulation Lab actually helped me to experience and understand the difficulties our children face. It helped me to understand children with learning disorders. I got a clear view of some concepts like modifications and accommodations.” – Sanyuktha,  B. Ed student, Goa