Aarambham is a first-step pedagogical and infrastructural overview program to introduce the awareness, scaffolding and accommodations necessary to effectively include diverse learners in a mainstream learning environment.

The following sessions have been specifically designed for teachers and students working and interacting with heterogeneous groups of learners, including staff and students with special needs.

Teacher Workshops:

Audit – How disability-friendly is the learning environment currently?

  • Understanding Inclusion
  • Simulation Lab – Understanding Invisible Disabilities
  • Understanding Disability and setting up a Resource Room
  • Behavior and Classroom Management
  • Curriculum, Assessment and Physical Adaption
  • Role of parents and community

Student Workshops:

  • Understanding inclusion
  • ‘Towards Inclusion’ – Disability awareness game day
  • Movie day to understand inclusion

The program will be customized to the needs and time constraints of schools.