In this section, you will find a book  and movie list that portrays characters with disabilities. It can be an informal source of information for families and teachers. A few useful video links have also been included. Let us know of other books, movies or videos that you found helpful, so that we can include them on this page. It would help other families and teachers. Here is the link to our books and links section.

The store is for teachers and professionals. They include downloadable blank forms that are available for purchase by schools, institutions or individuals. They also include science magazines and activity books for students, for use in classrooms or homes.

For free schools: We will offer our materials to free schools free of cost, on a case-by-case basis. We request that any such schools interested in our materials contact us at Please include details of your school and of how you plan to use the materials. We would also appreciate student and/or teacher samples after you use the product. This will help us to improve our materials. We will respect student confidentiality at all times.