Eligibility Criteria Preview

Eligibility Criteria for Special Education


Product Description

These series of forms spell out the criteria for qualification for special education services. The existence of a medical disability alone might not qualify for special education services if it does not impact access to learning. If a student is doing well academically independently even with a disability, further specialized services might not be necessary.

Each of the 12 forms is a checklist that needs to be fulfilled in order for a student to qualify under that criteria. In each case, qualification needs to satisfy both an academic and a medical need (whatever is necessary for access to education). These forms help educational professionals determine the qualification criteria for eligibility for special education services.

The image is a sample for one condition — traumatic brain injury. Other checklists for conditions include autism, speech and language impairments, intellectual disability and orthopedic impairment, among others.

Product specifications: 

  • 13 pages
  • 12 disabilities defined