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Coming Soon: SV Center for Continuing Education

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Samam Vidya is launching a free continuing education center for school dropouts and students with learning disabilities over the age of 14. Students who leave school too early are unable to join the workforce, and these valuable years between school and employment should not be wasted. We want students to be in a positive sphere of guidance and supervision during this time so they do not make bad decisions and engage in petty criminal behavior.

We are offering an informal environment: While they might not like to learn in a formal school environment — with textbooks, syllabus, and exams — a non-threatening informal setup will help them to improve their knowledge and gain important life skills, which in turn will help them find jobs and success. They will learn time and project management, personal finance skills, computer skills and cyber safety, public speaking and communication, and ethics, among other subjects.

In addition to teaching literacy and numeracy, we will take students on field trips, and encourage them to make art and do yoga. We will also bring in guest teachers who can talk about their careers and passions, and give students different perspectives.

Every student is unique, so we treat them uniquely, according to their abilities and interests. We can’t wait to see our students flourish as happy and productive citizens.

One thought on “Coming Soon: SV Center for Continuing Education

  1. Nisha M. G says:

    It will be very helpful for parents those who have drop out will reduce the agony of parents.all the best

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